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ENGL-092 - English – Provincial Level (Essential English)

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ENGL-092English – Provincial Level (Essential English)3 - ABE credits$49.50
* Tuition note: The above cost accounts for mandatory fees (such as alumni, student activity, and technology fees). If you enrol as a Directed Studies student, the mandatory fees will be $72.86 (includes textbook).

Students in this course will build skills for expressing personal experiences, opinions and thoughts through a number of interesting topics. They will develop communication and critical thinking skills to prepare for some post-secondary programs, but mostly for the workforce. Students will read and reference the work of Indigenous authors and explore Canada's diversity. All student assignments are designed to teach the essential skills needed in the workplace.

Prerequisites: English 10, ENGL 070, Communications 11, an assessment or permission of the instructor
Corequisites: A computer course is recommended

Delivery Method: Online Directed Studies

ABE credits: 3 | Length: 90 hours | Course Outline for ENGL-092

ENGL-092 English – Provincial Level (Essential English) can be found in the following programs:


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