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ENGL-102 - Introduction to Prose Fiction

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ENGL-102Introduction to Prose Fiction3 - credits$324.42

English 102 introduces students to the genre of literary fiction from the origins of the short story in early nineteenth century to the novels of twentieth and twenty-first century. The aim of English 102 is to read fiction with an understanding of genre, technique and form; to apply various critical strategies to literary texts; and to develop analytical writing skills appropriate to essays at the university level. Ultimately, the course encourages students to consider how narrative forms shape, challenge and respond to the moral, social, and political contexts that inform each text’s composition.

Prerequisites: Minimum 65% in English 12 or equivalent (refer to Course Equivalency Information on the College website)
Corequisites: ENGL 100 is recommended for students who need to focus on composition skills.

Delivery Method: On-Campus Online Blended

Credits: 3 | Length: 45 hours | Course Outline for ENGL-102

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