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FREN-112 - Intermediate French 2

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FREN-112Intermediate French 23 - credits$324.42

This course builds on the skills developed in FREN 111 and is designed for students who have successfully completed Intermediate French 1 (FREN 111) at COTR (or equivalent). The focus of this course is to help students become proficient in the French language and culture. As such, the course is designed to develop the more complex grammatical structures including the uses of the subjunctive mood, conditional phrases and the passive voice. The grammatical skills acquired will be reinforced through the four basic skills of language acquisition: reading, writing, listening and speaking. This course also explores the diversity and global influence of the French culture and language on music, art, film, fashion, theatre, political and social issues, and literature.

Prerequisites: FREN 111 or equivalent as approved by the instructor. Take FREN-112L

Delivery Method: On-Campus Online
Lab Required: Yes - please note courses with labs are charged an additional fee of $24.82 per course credit.

Credits: 3 | Length: 60 hours | Course Outline for FREN-112


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