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GEOL-220 - Environmental Geology and Natural Hazards

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Course NameCreditsTuition
GEOL-220Environmental Geology and Natural Hazards3 - credits$324.42

This course examines the nature of a variety of natural hazards including events such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, hurricanes, etc. Current methods of analysis, prediction and mitigation are investigated. Earth science aspects of, and human considerations related to, important environmental topics such as toxic waste disposal are also discussed. Laboratory activities concentrate on case studies of actual geohazard events and situations.

Prerequisites: At least one of GEOG 101, GEOG 102, GEOL 105, GEOL 106 or permission of instructor.

Delivery Method: On-Campus
Lab Required: Yes - please note courses with labs are charged an additional fee of $24.82 per course credit.

Credits: 3 | Length: 90 hours | Course Outline for GEOL-220

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