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MAST-122 - Wilderness Travel Theory

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MAST-122Wilderness Travel Theory3 - credits* See note:
* The course cost has not been determined or the course can only be taken as part of a program.

This course reviews aspects of wilderness travel such as clothing and equipment, navigation, environmental concerns and group travel techniques. Students will learn to identify and understand declination and magnetic north, take a bearing from a map, set a compass from a map and follow a compass bearing. Students will gain a thorough knowledge of topographical maps and the military grid system and will utilize new learning in trip planning exercises. This course introduces the student to the concepts of summer and winter emergency survival in wilderness settings. Topics such as fire building, shelter building, and the psychology of stress are discussed. Overnight survival exercises complete the course.

Prerequisites: None.

Delivery Method: On-Campus

Credits: 3 | Length: 64 hours | Course Outline for MAST-122

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