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MAST-166 - Whitewater Raft Guide Training 2

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MAST-166Whitewater Raft Guide Training 22 - credits* See note:
* The course cost has not been determined or the course can only be taken as part of a program.

Building upon Whitewater Raft Guide Training 1 this course develops advanced skills and maneuvers in rivers up to Grade 3. Students refine river reading skills, work as a team and are tested to the standards required by the BC Rafting Outfitters Assoc. Advanced skills and bigger water in preparation for the employers raft guide’s exam. Multiple days on the Elk and Bull rivers develop strong team rafting skills as well as safety and risk management practices.

Prerequisites: MAST 145, MAST 165.

Delivery Method: On-Campus

Credits: 2 | Length: 40 hours | Course Outline for MAST-166

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