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MATH-104 - Integral Calculus

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MATH-104Integral Calculus3 - credits$324.42

Topics include: Logarithmic, exponential and hyperbolic functions, complex numbers, integration techniques (substitution, parts, partial fractions, trigonometric substitution, numerical methods), I’Hôpital’s rule, improper integrals, sequences, series, convergence tests (divergence, integral, comparison, limit comparison, ratio, root, and alternating series tests), Taylor Maclaurin and Fourier series, vectors (dot products, vector valued functions), and polar curves. Calculus is a necessary step in any career in the sciences including Biology, Chemistry, Commerce, Computer Science, Engineering, Geology, Mathematics, Medicine, and Physics. It is also useful in any field which uses Statistics to analyze data.

Prerequisites: MATH 103, MATH 109, MATH 113 or a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Calculus.

Delivery Method: On-Campus Online
Lab Required: Yes - please note courses with labs are charged an additional fee of $24.82 per course credit.

Credits: 3 | Length: 60 hours | Course Outline for MATH-104

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