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MGMT-306 - The Politics of Sustainability

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MGMT-306The Politics of Sustainability3 - credits$712.59

Sustainability, avidly embraced by business but strongly derided by environmentalists, is a difficult policy area for government because it cannot totally satisfy business's demands. To do so, three factors must be considered: 1) the political objectives of both groups, 2) the strategies employed for achieving them, and 3) their successes. Negotiated adaptation, regulation, and voluntary codes have been developed to incorporate business concerns into environmental policy, developments best examined via specific case studies. Attention needs to be paid to sustainable development as well as green advertising and corporate lobbying, other topics essential to an understanding of the politics of sustainability.

Prerequisites: English 100 or equivalent.

Delivery Method: Online

Credits: 3 | Length: 45 hours | Course Outline for MGMT-306