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MGMT-310 - Sustainability Theory and Metrics

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MGMT-310Sustainability Theory and Metrics3 - credits$712.59

In this course, students develop a theoretical foundation for understanding and assessing sustainability in business practices. Students examine the theoretical framework, core concepts and the business case for sustainability. Activities and readings explore regional and global trends affecting sustainability, such as climate change and increasing stress on global ecosystems, sustainable community development, turbulent markets, disruptive technologies, and the impact of disparity between rich and poor. Sustainability measurement and reporting systems are compared and evaluated.

Prerequisites: A minimum grade of C in ACCT 261 and ENGL 100. MKTG 281 and MGMT 204 or 216 may be taken previously or concurrently. Minimum grade of 60% in Foundations of Math 12, Pre-calculus Math 12, Calculus 12, Principles of Math 12, or MATH 090. Students may also fulfill the math requirements by successfully completing a College of the Rockies Business Management diploma program with at least a 65% average or are admitted into the Post Degree Diploma in Sustainable Business Practices program.

Progression: Students require a minimum grade of 60% for credit towards the BBA and post- degree certificate and diploma.

Delivery Method: On-Campus Online Blended

Credits: 3 | Length: 45 hours | Course Outline for MGMT-310

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