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MGMT-480 - Sustainable Business Project Implementation

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MGMT-480Sustainable Business Project Implementation3 - credits$698.64

In this course, students are provided with a supported opportunity to implement the project proposal developed in MGMT 470. Beginning with an instructor-approved comprehensive plan for a project related to some aspect of sustainable business, students comply with research ethics protocol and work within a regular job environment or an arranged practicum situation. Each student maintains a log or diary of field work and collects, analyzes, and discusses data. The project method and implementation varies based on the student’s work-based situation and the nature of the chosen project. The course includes regular scheduled meetings with the instructor and input from the work environment supervisor and co-workers.

Prerequisites: MGMT 470

Delivery Method: Blended

Credits: 3 | Length: 90 hours | Course Outline for MGMT-480