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ATBO-123 - Bushcraft

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ATBO-123Bushcraft2 - credits$216.28

This course enables the student to learn outdoor survival skills that do not depend on modern technology. The idea for this course came from ATBO students who wanted to learn more about how to survive in the natural environment in emergency situations, or simply to learn how their surrounding ecosystem can supply everything needed in a survival situation. Activities such as fire making (using a bow drill, hand drill, or flint and steel), rope making, shelter building, using a knife properly and safely, animal tracking and identification, and proper use of wild edibles make up the core curriculum of this course. These skills significantly add to the “toolkit” of anyone who spends ample amounts of time in the wilderness or who is interested in pursuing work in a wilderness setting. This course also fosters an enriched respect for, and connection to the natural environment through nature observation activities, and two nights spent under the stars (or snow). This course enhances the students interest and understanding of the natural environment, which may lead to a more committed and active stewardship role for the participants. Students take an active role in their own learning throughout this course which is taught entirely outside using experiential education methods.

Prerequisites: None.

Delivery Method: On-Campus

Credits: 2 | Length: 40 hours | Course Outline for ATBO-123

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