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OFAD-150 - Employability Skills

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OFAD-150Employability Skills1.5 - credits$162.21

This course gives students the skills defined in the Office Administration and Applied Business Technology Provincial Curricula. These skills are considered to be essential requirements for today’s workforce. Employees need to be adaptable and capable of meeting the challenges of change in today’s economy, advances in technology, and changes in the way work is organized. This course uses an office simulation activity for students to practice job-ready skills in the use of technology and to hone their organizational and time management skills. The course also covers basic employment skills such as developing an effective resume and cover letter, and emphasizes professionalism, decision making, ethics, and communication skills.

Prerequisites: OFAD 133, OFAD 135, OFAD 181

Delivery Method: Online

Credits: 1.5 | Length: 45 hours | Course Outline for OFAD-150

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