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KNES-209 - Research Methods and Inquiry in Kinesiology and Health Sciences

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KNES-209Research Methods and Inquiry in Kinesiology and Health Sciences3 - credits$324.42

This course introduces students to research methods and design related to the areas of kinesiology, health and wellness. Focus is on understanding the scientific method, interpretation and evaluation of research literature, and issues related to research practices. Students will explore current research topics and develop their critical thinking skills to promote their understanding of quality research activities.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of at least 18 credits of first year courses. STAT 106 recommended

Delivery Method: On-Campus

Credits: 3 | Length: 45 hours | Course Outline for KNES-209

KNES-209 Research Methods and Inquiry in Kinesiology and Health Sciences can be found in the following programs:


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