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HOSP-145 - Employability Skills for Co-op Work Experience

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HOSP-145Employability Skills for Co-op Work Experience3 - credits* See note:
* The course cost has not been determined or the course can only be taken as part of a program.

This course is intended to prepare Hospitality Management students for the Canadian workplace as well as co-op work experience as part of a registered co-op course. The course focuses on assessing a student’s strengths and areas for improvement, developing of a personal brand, identifying and improving of employability skills, strengthening communication skills, and managing work expectations. Students will familiarize themselves with co-op work experience activities including learning to set goals and objectives, writing work reports and receiving employer evaluations.

Prerequisites: Students must have competed HOSP 110, COMC 101, TRMP 111 and TRMP 102.

Delivery Method: On-Campus

Credits: 3 | Length: 45 hours | Course Outline for HOSP-145