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HOSP-150 - Industry Work (Co-op Work Experience)

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HOSP-150Industry Work (Co-op Work Experience)0 - credits$324.42

The Co-op work placement provides a work-based learning experience and opportunity to students. This work placement will further develop employability competencies and enforce the practices and skills gained during classroom studies. Furthermore this course connects the student with industry practitioners, building employment networks and establishing the foundations of the student’s employment history. An effective workplace environment supports students in developing skills which are essential to their future success.

Prerequisites: Students must have competed at least five three-credit courses in the Hospitality Management Program: HOSP 145 and four three-credit courses or HOSP 145, TRMP 111, HOSP 110 HOSP 115 and HOSP 160.

Delivery Method: On-Campus

Length: 500 hours | Course Outline for HOSP-150

HOSP-150 Industry Work (Co-op Work Experience) can be found in the following programs: