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Industrial Electrical - Year 3 - Apprenticeship (2018/19)

Total Cost (tuition & fees)$1,049.90
Tuition: $996.90
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Additional Fees
Application Fee:30.00
Student Association Fee:23.00
Total Fees:$53.00

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Program Overview

This program is Year 3 of the 4 Year British Columbia Industrial Electrical Trades Apprenticeship Program. The program is 10 weeks in length and covers the learning outcomes for year three of the Industrial Electrical trade.

An industrial electrician is a skilled individual who must possess fundamental and specialized knowledge and skills related to the installation and maintenance of electrical devices and components found in industrial settings. Industrial electricians inspect, install, troubleshoot, repair and service (includes calibration and preventive/predictive maintenance) electrical equipment such as motors, generators, pumps, heavy duty machines, illumination systems, environmental regulating systems, communication systems, and associated electrical and electronic controls. These trade persons are employed by maintenance departments of factories, plants, mines, shipyards, oil and gas rigs, as well as platforms, and other industrial enterprises.

Students will receive Provincial Apprenticeship Curriculum pertinent to the apprenticeship level in which they are enrolled.

Upon successful completion of all four levels and appropriate time in the trade, the student may be eligible to write the inter-provincial exam in Industrial Electrical.

Admission Requirements

  • Sponsored Industrial Electrical Apprentice that has successfully completed Year 2 technical training and completed the required number of hours of work experience, OR
  • May accept Journeyperson Industrial Electrician for skills upgrading (if space is available).

Flexible Assessment (FA): Yes (Credit can be awarded for this program through FA)

Prior Learning Credit: Student may apply for prior learning credit with the ITA (Industry Training Authority), please visit www.itabc.ca

Start Dates

Visit our Trades Training Schedule for program start dates

Program Competencies:

Upon the successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • describe electrical theory of three-phase circuits;
  • connect and test the following: motor braking and deceleration controls, reduced-voltage starters, wound-rotor starters, and synchronous motor starters;
  • demonstrate knowledge of the operation and construction of single-phase, three-phase and wound-rotor AC motors, AC alternators, AC servomotors;
  • demonstrate knowledge of the operation and construction of DC machines and DC servo motors;
  • demonstrate and apply knowledge of the installation and maintenance of integrated control system, and general operation and uses of a PLC and demonstrate knowledge of PLC hardware components;
  • demonstrate knowledge of the installation of PLC networks, communication protocols, demonstrate knowledge of types of communications buses and different networks;
  • demonstrate knowledge of reading and writing programming language for PLCs, demonstrate knowledge of the installation and maintenance of common software applications to operate PLCs;
  • demonstrate knowledge of connecting, grounding, installing and maintaining transformers;
  • demonstrate knowledge of AC power factor and calculate capacitance;
  • convert between numbering systems, describe the operating principles of logic gates, and describe the operating principles and circuit analysis of op-amps;
  • connect and test Tyhristor circuits, and connect and test three-phase rectifiers.

Technical Training Content:

IELEC 301 - Circuit Concepts

  • Demonstrate knowledge of three-phase theory [IE129-3TC]

IELEC 302 - Control Circuits

  • Demonstrate knowledge of AC motor controls [IE227-3TC]

IELEC 303 - Electric Motors

  • Demonstrate knowledge of AC machines [IE150-3TC]
  • Demonstrate knowledge of DC machines [IE192-3TC]

IELEC 304 - Programmable Logic Controllers

  • Demonstrate and apply knowledge of PLC operation, installation and maintenance [IE134-3TC]
  • Demonstrate and apply knowledge of communication buses and PLC interfaces [IE135-3TC]
  • Demonstrate knowledge of programming language and of installing and maintaining PLC software [IE138-3TC]

IELEC 305 - Power Distribution Systems

  • Demonstrate knowledge of installation and maintenance of transformers [IE143-3TC]
  • Calculate power factor correction [IE144-3TC]

IELEC 306 - Electronics

  • Demonstrate knowledge of electronics [IE111-3TC]
  • Demonstrate knowledge of semiconductor power devices [IE228-3TC]

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