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Industrial Mechanics (Millwright) - Year 2 - Apprenticeship (2017/18)

Total Cost (tuition & fees)$730.28
Tuition: $684.18
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Application Fee:30.00
Student Association Fee:16.10
Total Fees:$46.10

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Additional Program Info

Program Overview

This Millwright program delivers the Year 2 technical training competencies required in the British Columbia Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) apprenticeship trade.

A Journeyperson Industrial Mechanic Millwright is a skilled construction mechanic who enjoys working with a high degree of precision. Industrial Mechanic Millwrights layout, install, remove, re-build, repair, weld and fabricate all types of equipment and machinery. Industrial Mechanic Millwrights install new gas, steam and nuclear turbines of all manufacturers and sizes, as well as routine overhauls of those turbines and generators. Industrial Mechanic Millwrights also perform maintenance in power plants for utilities where equipment must be in top shape at all times. In factories Millwrights install, remove and maintain equipment of all types. Industrial Mechanic Millwrights are also involved with many other types of equipment such as conveyor systems, escalators, pumps motor alignment and fans of all types and sizes. A Journeyperson Industrial Mechanic Millwright is able to study and interpret blue prints and then put their knowledge and expertise to use to fabricate and maintain equipment.

This program provides the skills, knowledge and training necessary to safely understand, maintain and perform troubleshooting on equipment in the heavy industry sector. This Year 2 Industrial Mechanic Millwright Apprenticeship program includes a wide variety of millwright competencies including utilizing rigging materials, basic laws of physics and mechanics, and basic repair of couplings, etc. Safe work habits and hands on shop experience will be used to develop the necessary skills and abilities.

Admission Requirements

  • Sponsored Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) Apprentice that has successfully completed Year One technical training or Industrial Mechanic Foundation and completed the pre-requisite number of hours of work experience, OR
  • Journeyperson Millwright (for skills upgrading)

Flexible Assessment (FA): Yes (Credit can be awarded for this program through FA)

Prior Learning Credit: Student may apply for prior learning credit with the ITA (Industry Training Authority), please visit www.itabc.ca

Start Dates

Visit our Trades Training Schedule for program start dates

Program Competencies:

Upon the successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • use a wide variety of shop tools and measuring devices;
  • understand and apply the concept of "tolerance" in machine maintenance;
  • understand basic principles of friction and lubrication; select and apply appropriate oils and greases;
  • utilize a variety of rigging materials and procedures to lift and move loads;
  • maintain and perform basic repair of shafts and attachments;
  • select, maintain, remove, and install a variety of bearings;
  • service lubricants, seals and bearings;
  • maintain and perform basic repair of machine drive assemblies (including belt drives, chain drives and gear drives);
  • maintain and perform basic repair of couplings, clutches, and seals;
  • understand and apply elements of materials handling systems;
  • install, level and align equipment;
  • use welding equipment to perform basic cutting and burning tasks;
  • cut, fit and fabricate using shielded metal arc welding and gas metal arc welding;
  • maintain and troubleshoot equipment; and
  • prevent, identify or solve basic problems with equipment.

Technical Training Content:

IMECH 201 Trade Science

  • Use trade math
  • Explain simple machines
  • Use fits and tolerances

IMECH 202 Lubricants, Seals and Bearings

  • Select lubricants
  • Maintain lubricating systems
  • vSelect seals, gaskets and packing
  • Install and maintain seals
  • Select bearings
  • Install and maintain bearings

IMECH 203 Install Equipment

  • Use safe rigging practices
  • Describe layout and securing of equipment
  • Describe equipment foundations
  • Explain leveling and alignment procedures

IMECH 204 Cut, Fit, and Fabricate

  • Use shielded metal arc welding (SMAW)
  • Use gas metal arc welding (GMAW/MIG)

IMECH 205 Service Power Transmissions

  • Service drive shafts

IMECH 206 Service Fluid Power

  • Explain hydraulic theory
  • Interpret hydraulic schematics
  • Describe hydraulic components
  • Identify hydraulic pumps

Essential Skills Developed in this Program:

Students can expect to develop the following skills in this program:

Computer Skills

  • Use email to send and read messages, attach documents
  • Access COTR's online learning resources

Skills for Busy Students

  • Manage study time effectively
  • Set educational priorities and goals
  • Practice strategies to succeed at exams and tests
  • Use support systems and College resources

Research Skills

  • Use the internet to locate information and evaluate information
  • Understand what constitutes plagiarism in academic writing
  • Cite, save, and print information for research

Getting Hired Skills

  • Recognize personal skills and attributes
  • Write a focussed, effective resume
  • Write a strong cover letter
  • Prepare for an effective job interview

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