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Adventure Tourism Business Operations - Certificate (2019/20)

Total Cost (tuition & fees)$6,912.50
Tuition: $3,639.90
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Additional Fees
Application Fee:30.00
Student Association Fee:69.00
Lab Fee:75.93
Field Fee:2,567.04
Equipment Fee:301.13
Health and Dental Fee:229.50
Total Fees:$3,272.60

*These prices are for domestic students and may not be 100% accurate. However, these estimates will give you an adequate idea of tuition and fees for our programs. These prices do not include textbook costs. All prices are subject to change.

Program Overview

The Adventure Tourism Business Operations certificate and diploma programs have been developed in response to industry demand for a more professional approach to Adventure Tourism Operations. These programs have been designed to assist individuals by helping to increase their knowledge and experience in both small business skills and in building professional outdoor skills for future employment prospects within the Adventure Tourism Industry. Students enrolled in these programs can develop a balance of business, communication, operations management, technical field skills and leadership and interpersonal skills. Students can also acquire national certifications in a selection of outdoor pursuits appropriate for guiding positions within the Adventure Tourism Industry. These programs are appropriate for students wishing to grow within an existing Adventure Tourism Operation, or for those students interested in developing their own opportunities.

Admission Requirements

  • Secondary school graduation (or equivalent);
  • A minimum of 65% in English 12 or equivalent) and;
  • Principles of Math 11, or Applications of Math 12, or Apprenticeship and Work Place Math 11, or Foundations of Math 11, or Pre-calculus Math 11, or MATH 080

This program is limited to persons 19 years of age or older, with the following exception:
The College, at its discretion, may consider accepting applicants at age 18 into Semester 1 (consisting of theory and low risk courses such as Backpacking Level 1) under the following conditions:

  • the applicant must reach 19 years of age prior to the end of Semester 1 (i.e., must turn 19 years of age prior to December 31);
  • must undergo an interview with the instructor, who will determine eligibility; and
  • must provide letters of reference attesting to competency.

Flexible Assessment(FA): Yes (Credit can be awarded for this program through FA)

Learners may request formal recognition for flexible assessment at the College of the Rockies through one or more of the following processes: External Evaluation, Worksite Assessment, Demonstration, Standardized Test, Self-assessment, Interview, Products/Portfolio, Challenge Exam. Contact an Education Advisor for more information.

Transfer Information

Many of our programs and courses will allow you to transfer to other colleges and universities in Canada. You can also apply to get transfer credits from past courses that will go towards completing your program here at College of the Rockies.

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Transfer Opportunities

If you would like to continue your studies our courses transfer to a wide number of Canadian colleges and universities. If you are transferring to a BC college or university visit the BC Transfer website to see if our courses transfer to that institution.

Course Outline for: Adventure Tourism Business Operations - Certificate


Note: ATBO 214 Advanced Wilderness First Aid can be taken in place of ATBO 114 Wilderness First Aid

Plus three elective courses (6 credits) chosen from:

Note: A student who meets the prerequisites may choose instead to do any elective that is offered to the ATBO diploma students.

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