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Global Studies Advanced Certificate (Canadian) - Graduate Certificate (2017/18)

Total Cost (tuition & fees)$4,735.14
Tuition: $4,322.34
Additional Fees
Application Fee:30.00
Student Association Fee:69.00
Bus Pass Fee:88.80
Health and Dental Fee:225.00
Total Fees:$412.80

*These prices are for domestic students and may not be 100% accurate. However, these estimates will give you an adequate idea of tuition and fees for our programs. These prices do not include textbook costs. All prices are subject to change.

Program Overview

This program is designed to help students from a wide variety of academic backgrounds to apply their learning to international, global and intercultural situations. Students will reflect on their existing international awareness; achieve recognition for formal learning which has been applied in an international or intercultural context; document the knowledge, skills and attitudes developed during an international placement; and summarize their achievements in a portfolio and/or presentation. The program is available in two streams to accommodate the learning needs of two distinct groups of learners:  

  1. Canadian-based students developing their global learning in international/intercultural placements/li>
  2. Internationally-based students developing their global learning in Canada

Both groups of learners will develop increased awareness of and appreciation for intercultural differences and the effects of globalization on their fields of study. Learning activities will be delivered in a variety of ways, including self-directed study, mentoring, distance delivery, volunteer placement, internship, study abroad or field school experience, journaling, and face-to-face classes where appropriate.  


This program includes blended, online, or face-to-face delivered courses specific to global studies, credit for courses completed elsewhere, and an international or intercultural volunteer placement, internship, study abroad, or field school component.

Admission Requirements

A degree or diploma from a recognized college/university is required. A meeting is required with the GSAC coordinator to discuss how the student’s previous education can be applied in a global context. With the Dean's permission, the following applicants may also be accepted:

  • Students currently enrolled in an academic COTR associate degree program. English proficiency at the college level is required (Grade 12 or equivalent, refer to prerequisite information for individual courses). Experience in an international or intercultural context is expected (either prior to admission or undertaken concurrently with program participation).

Flexible Assessment: This program provides extensive opportunities for students to obtain credit for relevant course work and international experience completed previously.

Transfer Information

Many of our programs and courses will allow you to transfer to other colleges and universities in Canada. You can also apply to get transfer credits from past courses that will go towards completing your program here at College of the Rockies.

Learn how to transfer your courses to College of the Rockies

Transfer Opportunities

If you would like to continue your studies our courses transfer to a wide number of Canadian colleges and universities. If you are transferring to a BC college or university visit the BC Transfer website to see if our courses transfer to that institution.

Course Outline for: Global Studies Advanced Certificate (Canadian) - Graduate Certificate



Note: you are required to take an additional 5 approved prerequisite courses (15 credits).

Your choice of courses to represent your specialty focus must be approved by the GSAC coordinator;

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