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Reiki Certificate Level 2 | $249 + GST

Course Overview:

Reiki 2 participants will further open their energy channels. You will deepen your abilities to manage energy for yourself and develop a more intuitive approach to working with clients. You will learn techniques that send healing remotely over distance and mental and emotion healing.

On attaining this level of Reiki, the channel is able to facilitate absent and distance healing. The person receiving the healing is not physically present. The Reiki symbols learnt at this level allow communication with the higher self.

The energy flow is increased about 4 times. Participants at this level of Reiki must comprise the absence of ego, the presence of humility, the commitment to serve another human being and the love and respect for life.


Pre-requisite:: Reiki Certificate Level 1 or equivalency if completed Level 1 with a different Reiki Master

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