Cannabis Retail Specialist Program
Career Options

Program content is appropriate for employment in cannabis retail outlets as well as client care services through licensed producers opening up a wide-variety of career opportunities.

As this is a new industry, career opportunities and starting wages are evolving and vary with region. We encourage those interested in the program to explore current career opportunities in your area through personal research including online job search sites. Graduates of this program may be able to apply the skills and knowledge obtained to opportunities for advancement within this emerging industry.

After receiving your Continuing Education - Certificate of Achievement in the Cannabis Retail Specialist program, you can explore a wide variety of career opportunities in both the recreational and medicinal cannabis industries including:

  • Retail Sales Specialist
  • Bud Tender/Educator
  • Client Care Representative
  • Field Sales Representative
  • Cannabis Consultant
  • Product Specialist

Those interested in starting their own retail cannabis outlet will need to apply to the government of their province or territory for a license. If successful, the knowledge about cannabis strains and uses, plant anatomy and physiology, etc., gained in the Cannabis Retail Specialist program would definitely be of benefit.

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*Note: This program information is correct at the time of publication. The guidelines surrounding the retail sale of cannabis continue to evolve. Program content may also evolve to ensure relevance to changing government standards, educational, employment and marketing needs.