Student Employment Services
Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Program

PAL provides additional assistance with course content through free study sessions with a PAL Leader.

  • PAL Leaders are College of the Rockies students who have passed the course in high standing, or strong current students who are hired to lead PAL sessions

Sessions are one-to-one for individual courses, or by group study* for some cohort programs as follows:

  • BIOL 181/182 & KNES 200/210
  • Health Care Assistant
  • Welding

* Students can request one-one sessions for these programs if you prefer; coordinate this with your PAL Leader once you've signed up.

Click here to Fill in a PAL Request online (on the Student Portal) starting September 18. Upon sign-up, you are connected with a PAL Leader who will email you to arrange session time(s); one hour per course per week. Students are encouraged to book regular sessions with their PAL Leader to get the most benefit.

Please Note - We will do our best to find a PAL Leader for the program/course you need assistance with, however it is not always possible.

What Do PAL Leaders Do?

PAL Leaders support learning and assist students to understand concepts, problem-solving techniques and improve study skills in the subject area by;

Assisting with organizational strategies specific to the course.
Assisting students with study skills appropriate to the course delivery and assignments.
Identifying appropriate review strategies.
Connecting with course faculty to understand where students are struggling.

Want to be a PAL Leader?

Email PAL Coordinator with the current or past course(s)  you feel qualified to tutor, and include the last grade you received in the course(s). This is not a guarantee of work, as instructors will be asked for their recommendations for tutors, but we always like to have a pool of students who may be interested in tutoring. It is also good to let your instructor know that you are interested in tutoring.