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Student Employment Services
Peer Tutoring Program

General Information


It is a way of earning a few dollars!

Literature shows that the gains for tutors often outdistance those of the students receiving help. This results from the tutor reworking what he or she knows in order to make it understandable to the tutees. This learning through teaching is the significant mechanism and it poses an opportunity to reformulate and extend the use of peer tutoring.


Assist students to understand the concepts and problem-solving techniques in the subject area being tutored.

Support learning through helping the student(s) they tutor by:
Assisting with organizational strategies specific to the course.
Assisting students with study skills appropriate to the course delivery and assignment.
Identifying appropriate review strategies.
Demonstrating proofing strategies.
Making regular contact with content faculty.

Pay Rate

The pay rate for student tutors is $11/hour + 4% vacation pay ($11.44 per hour).

How to Apply

Fill in a "Tutor" form with your class and work schedule, and what subject(s) you feel you could tutor. Submit this form to Student Services. Please also make a short appointment to meet with Charlene Morrison, one of the educational advisors. This is not a guarantee of work, as instructors will be asked for their recommendations for tutors, but we always like to have a pool of students who may be interested in tutoring. It is also good to let your instructor know that you are interested in tutoring.

Information for Hired Tutors