Student Services
Tools to Help You Succeed

Study Skills:

Individualized study skills counseling is available through our Education Advisors & Accessibility Services Coordinator.

How to Study gives strategies on how to prepare and set goals, how to get information, and how to take tests and handle anxiety. Check out the many useful strategies on one site.

Taking Effective Notes:

Note taking involves more than just writing down what the instructor says in class.  It is a process that involves your active involvement and concentration before, during and after class.

The Cornell Note-Taking Method and Using  Instructor Prepared Notes are two effective methods.

Tips on Effective Note-Taking can be found here.

Mind Mapping is a way of organizing ideas/notes in a nonlinear fashion.

Preparing for Exams:

Some students need help to stay focused when studying; S2TOP strategy  is effective.

Use the B.R.E.A.K method to help you remember information for tests.

The Curve of Forgetting describes how we retain and get rid of information that we take in.

 Flashcards are an easy way to reinforce your memory.

Finally, check out Mastering your Memory.

Writing Exams:

Tips for Answering Multiple choice questions

For general Test Taking strategies check out this site.

Tips for Writing Essay Exams

How to do Well on an Essay Exam

Reading your Textbook:

An effective strategy for successfully reading and retaining the materials you have read is the SQ3R Method.

Getting the Most from your Reading is another useful resource to help you become a more active reader.

Setting Goals & Staying Motivated:

Do you want to find out how to increase your motivation, maximize natural motivation and reward yourself for studying?  Watch Peter's Walsh's video, Tactical Motivation Management.

Step by Step instructions for setting academic goals

Managing your Time Successfully:

To assess where your time goes, do this inventory.

Put your schedule in your Smartphone.

Semester Scheduling - look at the big picture of your semester.

Weekly Schedule - schedule your week for efficiency.

Schedule your Day with a To-Do List

Improving your Concentration and Memory:

Tips on how to Build & Improve Concentration make a difference.

The Journey Method is a powerful mnemonic based around the idea of remembering landmarks on a well-known journey.

Test anxiety:

Relaxation techniques are important to practice.

ThinkFull App helps you manage your stress and enrich your life.

MindShift is a free App that helps reduce anxiety and stress.

Contact an Education Advisor or the Accessibility Services Coordinator  for personal support and more ways to promote your academic success. To arrange an appointment, contact Student Services at 250-489-8243.

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)Program

The Peer Tutoring Program matches students who have identified a need for extra help in a subject with students who have a good background in the subject area and an interest in tutoring. This College-funded service is free to students and is available for most courses or programs.

Want to be a PAL Leader?

Email PAL Coordinator with the current or past course(s)  you feel qualified to tutor, and include the last grade you received in the course(s). This is not a guarantee of work, as instructors will be asked for their recommendations for tutors, but we always like to have a pool of students who may be interested in tutoring. It is also good to let your instructor know that you are interested in tutoring.

More Information on Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Program

The Writing Lab

Two Options are Available:

Face-to-Face Writing Lab

The Writing Lab provides individual assistance to students in the writing of reports and essays. This service is located in the Library at the Cranbrook Campus in Study Room #1, for personalized, professional help from Penny.

A writing tutor will be available during the writing lab times. The Writing Lab tutor provides free help with all writing assignments.

Online Writing Help

WriteAway is an online writing support service. Submit up to three drafts of your paper to WriteAway, and online tutors will provide strategies and resources to help improve your writing. Tutors do their best to share feedback within 48 hours. Get started by going to to create an eTutoring account..