Strategic Plan
Pillars of Excellence

These four themes apply to every part of the College and define what we must do well at to achieve our vision. We used these themes throughout the development of our plan and they serve to continually remind us of what is most important to our college community.

Exceptional Student Experience

Students feel welcomed into the College community, are supported in all aspects of their student life, are well prepared for their chosen next steps and become proud supporters of College of the Rockies.

Educational Excellence and Innovation

We are positioned at the forefront of educational practices and technologies to help our students achieve their educational goals and career aspirations.

Empowerment and Effectiveness

Employees feel valued and make continuous personal and process improvements that support growth and change. They embrace the college’s values and create an environment where we love to learn, work and play.

Partnerships and Connections

Our educational, community, industry and international relationships are mutually beneficial, based on trust and enable us to deliver enhanced learning opportunities for students and communities.