Strategic Plan
Improving Strategic Processes

This is the strategic work we must do to ensure our College is collectively focused on achieving student outcomes.


Enhance student life, health and wellness
We are strengthening our interactions with students including:

  • Delivering student services that have a personal and timely response.
  • Improving access to and delivery of services in these priority areas: academic advising and tutoring; short-term medical and mental health support; social, recreational and sporting activities.
  • Providing opportunities for students to connect inside and outside of the classroom.

Strengthen pathways to employment and further education
When we are improving how we develop student pathways for further education we are:

  • Enhancing the mobility of students through relevant program articulation agreements.
  • Improving our communication of educational pathways to our students.
  • Helping students develop their personal education plans.

When we are improving how we develop student pathways for employment we are:

  • Validating curriculum with industry and potential employers as part of the program review process.
  • Providing services to help students transition between college and the workplace.

Increase access to learning
When we are increasing access to learning we are:

  • Improving how we employ technology for learning.
  • Improving how we use mobile units, program rotations and collaboration with our campuses and other institutions.

Grow applied research
When we are growing applied research we are:

  • Developing facilities and human resources capabilities for applied research work.
  • Collaborating with industry in select niche areas of research.
  • Applying for funding through research funding agencies.

Enhance program quality
When we are enhancing program quality we are:

  • Continuously reviewing programs to ensure relevance to both student demand and labour market requirements.
  • Integrating regional experiential components of learning into each program.
  • Ensuring programs are accredited/ licensed at the highest level.
  • Evaluating and providing feedback on instructor performance.

Expand demand-driven programs and courses

Our expansion decisions are in response to demand by employers and governments to align training and educational programming to the skill shortage faced by the regional and provincial economy.

Enhance strategic alliances
We are applying our increased understanding of our students, employers and community to select, evaluate and develop partnerships and collaborations that have a shared purpose, outcome and time frame.

Through our increased marketing communications efforts, stakeholders are aware of the College’s plan and priorities so we can work together to identify and act on mutually beneficial opportunities.

Improve College of the Rockies reputation and marketing
When we are improving the College’s reputation and marketing, we are:

  • Aligning our marketing plan with the College's strategic plan.
  • Promoting the advantages of attending College of the Rockies to our well-defined target audiences.
  • Increasing our two-way conversations with our stakeholders and students.
  • Improving stakeholders ability to accurately describe our differentiators and our offerings.

Improve student recruitment
When we are improving our student recruitment we are:

  • Improving the timeliness of prospect follow up.
  • Increasing our personalized attention in our recruitment process.
  • Improving the ease with which students can get the information they need when they need it.
  • Leveraging our improved marketing and communications efforts.