Strategic Plan
Increasing Our Capacity

Kootenay Centre at night

Our internal resources - our staff, our facilities, and our equipment - provide the foundation on which we build our success.


Enhance the learning and working environment
When we are enhancing the learning and working environment, we are improving:

  • Our understanding of how space is currently being used and utilized.
  • Our understanding of what users of space and technology need in the future.
  • How space creates energy, collaboration and social connection.
  • Applying this knowledge to long term space and technology planning.

Improve understanding of students, employers and the communities
The College is improving how we collect, analyze and use data to better understand needs, opportunities and risks as we execute on our strategic plan and build our differentiators.

Optimize employee effectiveness
Employees are effective performers when they feel empowered through:

  • Accurate job descriptions that include authorities and accountabilities linked to specific and timely feedback on performance.
  • Opportunity to seek alternative ways to solve work challenges (innovation).
  • Internal communications that inform cross-departmental work.
  • Frameworks that foster a culture of collaboration internally and externally.
  • Values that reflect the spirit of our College.
  • Professional development to enhance job skills.

Enhance sound governance and leadership
When the Board is performing soundly it acts as a policy governance body, overseeing the strategic direction of the College. It accepts responsibility for fiduciary oversight and institutional performance, making decisions that are in the best interest of the College.

Board members regularly discuss government policy, industry dynamics and trends in education in the context of the strategic plan.

When leaders are performing soundly they are self-aware, execute on the strategic plan and evaluate progress, set the standard for living the College’s values, and invest in improving their leadership skills.