Tourism and Recreation Management
Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Tourism and Recreation Management program may find employment in winter and summer resorts, hotels, attractions, tour operations, guest ranches or parks, conference centres, or tourism/recreation-related associations/organizations.

The Kootenay region of BC in particular, is very quickly developing into a Mecca of year-round tourism and recreation experiences which provide great opportunities for Tourism and Recreation Management graduates.

Students can also begin career planning if their goal is to own their own business.

Employment Opportunities

Some of the prospective areas of future employment in the tourism field may include: (click links below for more info)

  • Heritage Interpreter
  • Travel Consultant
  • Food & Beverage Manager
  • Spa Director
  • Travel Writer/Photographer
  • Tourism Researcher
  • Tour Operator
  • Special Events Coordinator
  • Retail Supervisor
  • Accommodation Service Manager

Some of the prospective areas of future employment or private enterprise in the recreation field may include:

  • Recreation/Activity Director (Cruise Ships)
  • Recreation Facility Programmer
  • Aquatic Facility Programmer
  • Public Recreation Services
  • Special Needs Programmer
  • Outdoor camps/school
  • College/ University Recreation Departments
  • Recreation Facility Administration

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