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Trades Training

Thinking about a career in the trades? Our wide variety of trades programs offer qualified instructors, classroom theory and hands-on training in realistic shop and workplace settings to get you started or help you earn your apprenticeship certification.

Skilled workers are in high demand in a number of industries in BC and throughout Canada, making trades occupations an excellent career choice.   A career in trades allow you to make a particular ability or creative talent a part of your working life, and with Red Seal Certification you also have opportunities to practice your trade in other provinces.

Trades Programs

Automotive Service Technician

Prepare to work in an automotive repair shop, service facility, car dealership or with large organizations that own fleets of vehicles. Get the theory and practical hands-on experience in a realistic shop environment when you take our 30-week foundation program or complete the apprenticeship program to obtain your Red Seal certification.


Put your eye for detail and your physical and problem-solving skills to use in both new home building and remodeling projects. Begin with the 24-week foundation program before moving on to the apprenticeship level to obtain your Red Seal certification.


Looking for a high-voltage occupation? A career installing, maintaining and repairing electrical wiring and systems in construction and industrial settings might be the right fit for you. Start with our 24-week foundation program before moving on to the apprenticeship level to obtain your Red Seal certification.


Prepare for a career helping people to look their best. This 44-week program prepares you to have the knowledge and skills to perform the work of a hairstylist. You’ll gain practical experience in the College’s on-site salon and in a three-week practicum. The Hairstylist  program is a provincially accredited training program designed to prepare students for entry level positions in the Hairstylist Industry. The program provides students with skills that are needed as a first-year apprentice.

Heavy Mechanical

The mining, construction, transportation, forestry, oil and gas, and farming industries are just some of the areas that require Heavy Mechanical/Heavy Duty Equipment technicians. The 36-week Heavy Mechanical foundation program prepares you for entry-level positions or to move on to the apprenticeship training including the College’s Heavy Duty Equipment Technician Red Seal apprenticeship program.

Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)

Similar to a heavy equipment technician, Millwrights (Industrial Mechanics) work on equipment in the heavy industry sector, focusing on stationary industrial machinery and mechanical equipment. The 24-week foundation program prepares you for entry-level employment or to move on to the Red Seal apprenticeship program.


Looking for a career in the plumbing trade? Our 6-week Plumber Level 2 program includes classroom theory, demonstrations and practical hands-on training in a plumbing lab and shop setting. Topics covered include using measuring and leveling tools, installing, maintaining and repairing sanitary and storm drainage systems, fixtures and appliances, hydronic heating and cooling systems, and specialized systems, such as medical gas and compressed air systems.

Professional Cook

Take your love of food to the next level. In just 28 weeks, you will gain hands-on experience in a fully-equipped and versatile training kitchen and take part in preparation and service for the formal on-site Class Act Dining Room. Learn the safety, kitchen management and cooking methods needed to prepare amazing dishes and to kick-start your culinary career.

Timber Framer

Today’s timber frame buildings are energy efficient, structurally sound and stunningly beautiful. Our 13-week foundation program can prepare you to create unique and complex structures that represent the peak of craftsmanship.


Welders are the masters of metal who use flame-cutting, brazing and air arcing equipment to fuse metals in all positions. Prepare for your career in welding with our 28-week foundation program or expand your knowledge and employability with apprenticeship training to obtain your Red Seal certification.

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