Trades Training
Levels of Trades Training

ACE IT is an industry training program for high school students. Through an ACE IT program, you can take courses that will give you both high school graduation credits and a head start towards completion of an apprenticeship program.  ACE IT programs are developed and offered as partnerships between school districts and post-secondary institutions, like College of the Rockies.  green pointer rightLearn more about the ACE-IT program

Foundation programs provide trainees with the basic knowledge and skills needed for entry into a particular occupation. They are typically conducted in a classroom or shop setting, and do not involve any significant work-based training component. As a result, trainees do not require an employer/sponsor to participate.

Apprenticeship is a form of post-secondary education that combines paid, work-based training, with technical training in a classroom or shop setting. Successful completion of both components, along with examinations, is required to earn a certificate or ticket, and become a certified tradesperson.

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exclamation icon For more information on the various levels of trades training, please visit the Industry Training Authority