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BC Transfer Guide

You can use the BC Transfer Guide website to see which BC University or College your courses transfer to. This website is updated on a regular basis and provides BC specific transfer information.

Educational Advisors

If you require academic or vocational transfer advice please contact one of our Educational Advisors. They can be reached by phone, in person at the college's Student Services office, or by email

Articulation Officer

Our articulation officer at College of the Rockies will assess prior courses that you have completed and help determine if your will receive transfer credit. In order for our articulation officer to provide you with transfer credit you must submit your official transcript and detailed course outlines from the year you completed the course.

Contact information:
Karen Langan - Articulation Officer
PO Box 8500 - College of the Rockies
Cranbrook, BC Canada V1C 5L7
Fax: 250-489-8206