Tuition & Fees
Payments & Deferrals

Payment Dates

Academic and Career Technical payment dates:

  • Fall semester deadline: August 19, 2016
  • Winter semester deadline: November 18, 2016
  • Spring semester deadline: before classes start

Trades and Vocational program payment dates:

  • Tuition fees due dates will be indicated in your admissions letter

ATBO program payment date:

  • ATBO tuition fees for all semesters are due in full prior to course commencement date.

Payment methods

Fees may be paid by one of the following methods: INTERAC, VISA, MASTERCARD, cash, cheque, money order, telephone or internet banking through most major institutions.


For some vocational & trades programs a $200 non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is required. The deposit will be applied to your tuition fees. The date of the balance owing varies as outlined in your admission letter.

Outstanding indebtedness

All assessed fees must be paid in full and any other outstanding indebtedness (overdue library books, emergency loans, tuition fees, etc.) to the College must be met before a student is allowed to register/reregister for a program/course, attend classes, or receive a statement of grades, official transcripts or a certificate, diploma or Associate Degree.

Fee deferral

Student loan deferral information

If you have applied for a Student Loan and would like your fees deferred you must provide proof of Student Financial Assistance application and/or Notification of Assessment.

All tuition and outstanding fees owing on your student account will be deducted from your 1st Student Financial Assistance disbursement. Any additional fees will be deducted from your 2nd Student Financial Assistance disbursement. If your loan or award does not cover all outstanding fees, you are required to submit payment on or before the established payment due dates. These dues dates are published and posted in all student services areas in the college.