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This is your chance to feel the heat!

Welders are the masters of metal who use flame-cutting, brazing and air arcing equipment to fuse metals in all positions. Meld, attach, and affix pieces of metal together with precision and watch objects come to life in your hands.

To work as a welder, you should have:

  • Good muscular strength and overall heath as you may be required to lift heavy objects, keep them in place and move them around a construction site
  • A strong and steady hand
  • Strong observation, communication and critical thinking skills

Duties may require you to inspect and analyze the job task, determine product specifications and required materials, choose the correct welding process, and maintain equipment.

Why choose a career as a welder?

  • According to the British Columbia Labour Market Outlook: 2018 Edition, careers for welders will continue to be in demand, with an estimated 2,960 job openings by 2025.
  • Because a welders job on construction projects and those who repair equipment are not easily automated, welders will not be affected by technological changes to the same extent as those in other industries.
  • With experience and additional training, welders can move into more senior positions or transfer their skills to related trades like boilermaking.

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