Human Service Worker

Students in the Human Service Worker (HSWR) program are trained in a wide variety of helping interventions so that they may provide direct services to individuals or groups with a diversity of needs. Human Service Workers work in many different service settings integrating and coordinating the efforts of specialized professionals.

The HSWR Certificate program is a 10 month program and is available fully online or in a face-to-face and online combination.  A second year HSWR Diploma program is available for students who wish to continue their education for preparation for specialized work in the human service worker field.

Program Cost

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Frequently Asked Questions

CYFS Flexible Assessment Handbook

Human Service Workers are trained in basic helping skills essential to the helping relationship. These skills include:

  • Interviewing
  • Observing and recording pertinent information
  • Conducting groups
  • Implementing treatment plans
  • Consulting with other workers and agencies
  • Mobilizing and utilizing community resources
  • Problem solving
  • Advocating for clients

In addition to skill training, the College of the Rockies' HSWR program provides knowledge and values components as the foundation to practice these skills. A major component of human service education is experiential learning or learning-by-doing. Our program provides extensive field-based experiences or practica in a variety of community agencies. Such practica allows you, the student, to integrate knowledge and skills and thereby demonstrate competency.