Doula Studies
Birth Doula Studies Program Requirements

Minimum Age Requirement: 18 years old at the time when Practicum begins.

Prerequisites for Birth Doula Studies Online Program:

  • Adequate English communication skills and ability to read and write at an appropriate level
  • Experience with, and access to, computers, word processing, and internet
  • A genuine desire to support childbearing families
  • Comfortable discussing all aspects of childbirth

Birth Doula Studies Certificate Completion:

To earn your Continuing Education Doula Certificate, you must complete all of the following:

  • Birth Doula Studies Online Modules 1, 2 & 3 (in order)
  • Practicum 1:  Volunteer Hours & Book Reports
    Approximately 40 hours (due within 6 months of program start date)
  • Practicum 2:
    A) Two Birth Attendance OR
    B) One Birth Attendance + Community Research Project
    Approximately 15 hours (due within 12 months of program start date)

Technical Requirements:

Participants must be comfortable with using computers, email, and internet.  Instructions on how to access the course are provided to all registrants prior to each module starting.  Online technical support is also available during the program.

Required Texts or Materials:

A required reading list will be available online at the start of the Birth Doula Studies Program. Most books can be borrowed through your local library.

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