Doula Studies
Why Choose a Doula Career?

How do you know if doula training is right for you?

Would you like to share a special, unforgettable memory with a family? Do you have a patient and giving nature? Do you want to work with an expectant mom and her family to help alleviate the stress and tension from the miracle of birth?  Are you considering a career in midwifery or maternity care and wish to use doula work as an investigative stepping stone? If you answered yes, a doula career is probably well-suited.

Doula work requires teamwork with other healthcare professionals. This includes doctors, midwives, holistic practitioners, and other doulas in a variety of settings. Doulas work long hours and must be willing to be flexible with their time and energy. However, doulas have the ability as self-employed professionals to build their business to provide balance for themselves, their family, and the clients they serve.

Doulas make a difference. If you are loving, caring, calming, and ready to put other people’s needs first, a doula career is definitely a great choice!

Our program provides you with the flexibility of working online, but the structure and support to help you successfully succeed as a professional doula in your community.

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