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Mining Apprenticeship Program

This apprenticeship training program is delivered using an innovative training model. MAP is designed to train participants for positions/careers as Heavy Duty Equipment Technician and/or Industrial Electricians. Apprenticeship work experience takes place at the work sites of the MAP partners under actual operating conditions.

Technical training is delivered in classrooms and shops at College of the Rockies. Apprentices are trained in a common core of practical skills that meet the current Heavy Duty Equipment Technician curriculum or Industrial Electrical curriculum. Emphasis is placed on the development of solid practical skills and knowledge for heavy duty equipment and electrical operations in the coal mining industry.

The College recruits into this program as the need arises and the apprentice work experience opportunities become available. To enter/apply to this program, students must go through the College hiring process as posted on the College website. Successful applicants become college employees and the salary is based on the MAP scale. The College indentures (sponsors) the apprentices and provides the technical training in its regular Heavy Duty Equipment Technician and Industrial Electrician classes.

Apprentices can expect to work at several MAP partner work locations during their apprenticeship which provides for a wide range of practical hands-on learning experiences on a variety of equipment and under varying workplace policies and procedures. MAP apprentices are provided access to the College of the Rockies Learning Support Centre to assist them in the development of their computer, math, writing and communication skills.