Technical Training Content

PLUMB 201 Use Tools and Equipment

• Use measuring and levelling tools

PLUMB 202 Organize Work

• Read drawings and specifications
• Plan a project

PLUMB 203 Install Sanitary and Storm Drainage Systems

• Install sanitary drain, waste, and vent systems
• Install storm drainage systems
• Test and commission sanitary and storm drainage systems
• Maintain and repair sanitary and storm drainage systems

PLUMB 204 Install Fixtures and Appliances

• Install fixtures and trim
• Install appliances
• Test and commission fixtures and appliances
• Maintain and repair fixtures and appliances

PLUMB 205 Install Hydronic Heating and Cooling Systems

• Describe the operation of hydronic heating and cooling piping systems
• Install hydronic heating and cooling systems
• Test and commission hydronic systems
• Maintain and repair hydronic systems

PLUMB 206 Install Specialized Systems

• Install medical gas systems
• Install compressed air systems
• Test and commission specialized systems
• Maintain and repair specialized systems

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