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MATH-113 - Calculus for Commerce and Life Sciences 1

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MATH-113Calculus for Commerce and Life Sciences 13 - credits$324.42

This course can be taken by any student aspiring to learn about calculus, but is intended for students who are studying Biology, Psychology or Commerce. The focus of the course is derivatives and their applications in these fields. Topics include functions, limits, continuity, and the Intermediate Value Theorem; first and second derivatives of functions, including logarithms, exponentials and trigonometric functions; linear approximation, Newton’s Method, optimization problems and curve sketching and antiderivatives, substitution and areas between curves. At least two of the following topics are included: derivatives of inverse trigonometric functions, related rates, probability and statistics, matrices and Gaussian elimination; partial derivatives and Lagrange Multipliers.

Prerequisites: Minimum 65% in one of the following Math courses: MATH 090, MATH 093, or MATH 100, Pre-Calculus 12, Principles 12 or equivalent.

Delivery Method: On-Campus
Lab Required: Yes - please note courses with labs are charged an additional fee of $24.82 per course credit.

Credits: 3 | Length: 60 hours | Course Outline for MATH-113


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