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PNAP-111 - Professional Practice A

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PNAP-111Professional Practice A3 - credits$530.49

This theory course provides an introduction to the profession of practical nursing. Legislation that informs PN practice within British Columbia will be introduced. The history of nursing and specifically, the evolution of Practical Nursing within the Canadian health care system will be discussed. The philosophy and foundational concepts of the Provincial Practical Nursing Program are explored. The legislation influencing PN practice with clients experiencing chronic illness and those in residential care settings is examined. Specific professional issues such as responsibility, accountability, ethical practice and leadership relevant to the PN role in residential care will be explored. Critical thinking and decision making specific to the care of the chronically ill and inter-professional practice will also be addressed.

Prerequisites: Admission to the Practical Nursing Access Program.
Corequisites: PPNP 101 Human Anatomy and Physiology for Practical Nurses with a minimum grade of 65% or equivalent. PNAP 112 Professional Communication A.

Delivery Method: Online

Credits: 3 | Length: 45 hours | Course Outline for PNAP-111

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