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FIRE-102 - Rapid Intervention Awareness

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FIRE-102Rapid Intervention Awareness1 - credits* See note:
* The course cost has not been determined or the course can only be taken as part of a program.

This course prepares students to participate as a member of a rapid intervention crew (RIC), with the goal of recruiting fire fighters who become lost, injured, trapped, incapacitated, or disoriented in the course of an emergency scene or training operation. Course curriculum is based on the objectives as set by NFPA 1407 (Standard for Training Fire Service Rapid Intervention Crews): topics include appropriate search techniques, rescue access; air supply and air management; use of ropes, slings and harnesses for rescue operations; methods to protect and move endangered firefighters; and self-rescue techniques.

Prerequisites: FIRE 127 (NFPA 100)

Delivery Method: On-Campus Blended

Credits: 1 | Length: 16 hours | Course Outline for FIRE-102

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