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Education Assistant - Certificate (2019/20)

Total Cost (tuition & fees)$3,904.38
Tuition: $3,782.38
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Additional Fees
Application Fee:30.00
Student Association Fee:92.00
Total Fees:$122.00

*These prices are for domestic students and may not be 100% accurate. However, these estimates will give you an adequate idea of tuition and fees for our programs. These prices do not include textbook costs. All prices are subject to change.

Program Overview:

The Education Assistant Program is designed for students who intend to pursue employment in more highly specialized areas of the Education Assistant field providing direct educational services and supports to school children who need them.

General skills developed: Specific skills for working with populations in the K-12 school system; for example, children and youth with learning disabilities, Autism, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, behaviour disorders, communication disorders, health issues, and physical disabilities.

Upon completion of the EAP certificate students find employment in K-12 schools. Education Assistants are hired to work under the direction of a teacher and/or administrator as they assist teachers in designing, implementing, supervising and assessing educational programs; providing instruction to individual students and groups of students; providing behavioural management, personal care, and supervision support in the classroom, school, playgrounds and field trips.

Specific responsibilities and duties are outlined in the School Act (Section 17) and regulations (Section 4) as well as in the BCTF document "Roles and Responsibilities of Teachers and Teacher Assistants".

The EA Certificate program enrolls students from all across British Columbia. This certificate program is well subscribed because of its accessibility (available completely or partially online), flexibility (available for part time and full time study) and reputation.

Admission Requirements

Minimum 65% in English 12 or equivalent (refer to Course Equivalency Information on the College Website).

Non-academic requirements:

  • Completion and submission of CYFS Application Package
  • Completion of immunizations, documented by the immunization form in the admission package, or completion of immunization waiver form (lack of immunizations may impact applicant's access to Practicum placements and employment opportunities following graduation)
  • Good command of oral and written English language
  • Solicitor General Criminal Record Check. Note: Conviction of a criminal offence may influence an applicant's access to practicum placements and employment opportunities following graduation

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