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Administrative Studies - Certificate (2018/19)

Total Cost (tuition & fees)$3,947.51
Tuition: $3,514.55
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Additional Fees
Application Fee:30.00
Student Association Fee:103.50
Lab Fee:74.46
Health and Dental Fee:225.00
Total Fees:$432.96

*These prices are for domestic students and may not be 100% accurate. However, these estimates will give you an adequate idea of tuition and fees for our programs. These prices do not include textbook costs. All prices are subject to change.


The Administrative Studies program is not currently accepting applications.

Program Overview

The Administrative Studies Program recognizes students who have successfully completed courses in both the Office Administration and Business Administration programs.

The Administrative Studies Certificate is awarded to students who complete the Office Administration Certificate, as well as five selected Business Administration courses.

Admission Requirements

Office Administration

  • Strongly recommended that students enter the program having completed Grade 12
  • Minimum "C+" standing English 11 or ABE Advanced Certificate, or GED Certificate with a "C+" in English 80
  • Math – Students graduating from secondary school in or before 2012
    • Minimum of "C" in Essentials of Math 11, or Math 080, 081 or 082
  • Math – Students entering Grade 10, in or after 2010 and/or completing the new math curriculum
    • Minimum of "C" in Foundations of Math 11, Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 11, or Math 080, 081 or 082

Individual assessments may be required to determine Math and English skills for admission. Students who require some Grade 11 and 12 credits may be able to start studies in Office Administration while completing other courses.

Business Administration

  • Grade 12 or equivalent
  • English 12 with a minimum of 65%, or completion of ENGL 090 or 091 with a minimum grade of "C+", or LPI Test with Level 4 or better, or iBT TOEFL with a minimum of 80, or ELTS with a minimum of 6.0
  • Principles of Math 11, Applications of Math 12, or MATH 080 with minimum grades of 65% or "C+"


Transfer Information

Many of our programs and courses will allow you to transfer to other colleges and universities in Canada. You can also apply to get transfer credits from past courses that will go towards completing your program here at College of the Rockies.

Learn how to transfer your courses to College of the Rockies

Transfer Opportunities

If you would like to continue your studies our courses transfer to a wide number of Canadian colleges and universities. If you are transferring to a BC college or university visit the BC Transfer website to see if our courses transfer to that institution.

Course Outline for: Administrative Studies - Certificate



  • OFAD 233 (Business Communications 2) can be taken instead of ENGL 100 (English Composition)
  • Any 100 level Post Secondary Economics course can be taken instead of ECON 100
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