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Mining Apprenticeship Program Heavy Duty - Apprenticeship (2019/20)

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Program Overview:

The Mining Apprenticeship Program (MAP) is an innovative program that is collaboratively delivered by Teck Elk Valley Operations and College of the Rockies Trades Department. The primary objective of the Mining Apprenticeship Program is to provide training opportunities to apprentices in the Heavy Duty Equipment Technician trade. The MAP program outline covers the work-based training component. During technical training, apprentices are covered by the program outline pertaining to their trade and level of training. Teck Elk Valley Operations provides apprenticeship work-based training hours on-site at their Elk Valley locations.

College of the Rockies is the employer sponsor for MAP apprentices and provides the required technical training for apprentices at each level of apprenticeship. The Mining Apprenticeship program begins with an orientation at the College of the Rockies followed by an orientation to one of Teck’s Elk Valley operations. Apprentices will be employed approximately nine to ten months of the year and attend technical training for up to ten weeks each year depending on their level. Apprentices are given the opportunity to rotate through different mine operation sites while completing work-based training.

Credentials Granted:

Upon successful completion of 28 weeks of technical training, the inter-provincial Red Seal exam, and 6360 work-based training hours, apprentices receive:

  • Real Seal Certification from the Industry Training Authority

Admission Requirements:

  • Secondary school graduation or equivalent, AND
  • Successful completion of the Heavy Mechanical Foundation program or Level 1 of the Heavy Duty Equipment Technician Apprenticeship program, and successful interview for a MAP posting.

Work-based Training Content:

The work-based training hours reinforce the technical training content, including the following:

Level 1

  • Occupational Skills
  • Brakes
  • Hydraulics
  • Electrical
  • Frames, Steering and Suspension
  • Trailer
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Structural Components and Accessories

Level 2

  • Electrical
  • Engines and Supporting Systems

Level 3

  • Powertrains

Level 4

  • Hydraulics
  • Electrical
  • Frames, Steering, and Suspension
  • Structural Components and Accessories


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