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Adult Upgrading - Diploma (2019/20)

Total Cost (tuition & fees)N/A

Note: Tuition varies depending upon courses chosen:

  • Adult Upgrading Semester courses: $50.49 per course
  • Adult Upgrading Directed Studies:
    • 010 - 060 level - $24.76 per course, textbooks included
    • 070 - 090 level - $74.31 per course, textbooks included
  • For each adult upgrading course there is an $11.50 Students' Association fee to a maximum of 3 courses per semester for $34.50.
  • If you are enrolled in 3 or more courses in one semester, there is a $44.40 U-Pass fee.
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Fees for this program are currently unavailable. For more information please contact registration.

*These prices are for domestic students and may not be 100% accurate. However, these estimates will give you an adequate idea of tuition and fees for our programs. These prices do not include textbook costs. All prices are subject to change.

Program Overview

The Adult Upgrading Program (also referred to as the Upgrading for Academic and Career Entry (UACE) program here at the College) supports students in meeting a variety of educational goals.

This program is designed for both part-time and full-time students. Through the Adult Upgrading Program courses, students complete high school course curriculum requirements and develop effective academic study skills such as academic reading, writing, note-taking, mathematical competencies, and scientific inquiry skills, necessary for success in post-secondary courses and programs.  

Adult Upgrading courses help students to meet one or more of the following objectives:

  • complete pre-requisite course(s) as part of a pathway for specific programs at a college or university;
  • upgrade high school marks enabling application to a college or university program;
  • complete a high school graduation education;
  • upgrade skills for employment;
  • improve literacy skills;
  • improve upon personal and life-skills.

Individual Courses to Meet a Personal or Employment-Related Goal

Prospective ABE (UACE) students will meet with an education advisor or the ABE Program Coordinator for an intake discussion prior to registering for any courses. The purpose of the discussion is to help the student articulate his or her educational goals, and to determine at what course level the student should begin. Students may be given an informal placement test before being registered. Students may register in individual courses to suit any personal or employment-related goals, which need not necessarily include further post-secondary or vocational training.  

Courses as Part of a Pathway for a Post-Secondary or Vocational Program

Students who wish to apply for a specific post-secondary or vocational program, but do not meet the normal entrance requirement for the program, may still be eligible to apply. They will meet with an education advisor or the ABE Program Coordinator for an assessment process to determine which adult upgrading courses will be required in their program pathway in order for them to meet course pre-requisites in the program. Program pathways including upgrading courses may take longer to complete.

Program Information:

Programs for which an upgrading pathway can be considered include the following:

  • University Studies Certificate and Diploma Programs: Arts and Sciences; Criminal and Social Justice, Engineering; Environmental Studies; Fine Arts; Pre-Education; Science
  • Associate Degrees: Arts, Sciences, Environmental Sciences
  • Business Administration Certificates and Diploma Programs: Aboriginal Financial Management, Accounting, General Management, Marketing Certificates and Diplomas
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Sustainable Business Practices
  • Kinesiology Exercise Science or Health and Human Performance
  • CYFS: Early Childhood Education Certificate or Diploma; Education Assistant
  • Tourism: Adventure Tourism Business Operations; Mountain Adventure Skills Training; Tourism and Recreation Management
  • Foundation Trades Programs: Automotive, Carpentry, Electrical, Heavy Duty, Industrial Mechanic, and Welding
  • Hairstylist, Professional Cook, Office Administration, Health Care Assistant
  • Aboriginal Education Support Worker Diploma

Transfer Information

Many of our programs and courses will allow you to transfer to other colleges and universities in Canada. You can also apply to get transfer credits from past courses that will go towards completing your program here at College of the Rockies.

Learn how to transfer your courses to College of the Rockies

Transfer Opportunities

If you would like to continue your studies our courses transfer to a wide number of Canadian colleges and universities. If you are transferring to a BC college or university visit the BC Transfer website to see if our courses transfer to that institution.


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